Paradise –
The smell of the rain a
s it
Gently bedews the dry Earth.
A photograph of a thousand memories at once.

Exhilaration of
with my cousins.
Warm laughter ringing afore
An age-old home.

Tender memories of
cuddling up to my Grandparents
on a 
stone-cold verandah –
Muthassi creates magic with ancient tales. 

Rattle of
knocking on my door…
Warm blend of blanketed
darkness and family

Icy freshness of
damp and moist grass
fluttering against the
sweet smell of mud

Comfort of
snuggling up into a book.
Drowning in the vastness of a
whole new world within your sofa.

Happiness drawn from
cold tiles, hot food, cousins and games
As cool w
hiffs of rain melt into
the sun-burnt air.

Onyx skies of
rain-fed nights…
Rainwater perfumes
the Earth.

Ravishing beauty of
newly-bathed nature –
Moonstone skies, vibrant flowers
Perfumed with the sweetest of scents.

*Muthassi – Grandmother







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