Conceding to ‘Progress’

As we cross borders,
Our mind recreates the barriers
Cluttered with baseless discriminations,
We proceed.
Our palate soured by stereotypes,
Bitter with age and unyielding passions
Molded into this senseless fashion,
We proceed.

We talk of global peace
Yet fuel inner turmoil.
Fearing beards and colours,
We proceed.
Speech inflamed with eloquent wisdom
Yet actions reveal the fire of fear.
Through this haze of meaningless rituals,
We proceed.

Society forcing words into our mouths,
Media sensationalizing our thoughts,
Fear creeping into our every breath,
We proceed.
Trapped in a ceaseless war of words,
Flitting between two undeveloped worlds,
Conceding to this era of ‘progress’,
We proceed.


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