When the World Wars…

Wind pours in,
Whetted by shards of rain.
Flowers, children of the Earth
Dance upon its wings.

In the blink of an eye,
The sky is raging on –
The Central power of this world,
Speeding through light airs
Into a gusty movement.

The Earth’s Allied powers,
Galvanised into action,
Gather the true soldiers of their soil,
Spreading an aura of calm and courage –
The sky and the Earth rage as one.

Raindrops fall in fleets
Whisked away on landing
Into the shelter of a windblown tree…
A tree – hair flung to one side,
Crouching, Nature’s damsel in distress.
Tiny tears of rain
Pool up around her feet:
Clinging on, dampening her hems.

Thundering and glowering,
The sky storms on…
The Earth – one for one,
The two together, sparing none.
The winds of peace, alone, dare to blow,
Cooling the heat,
Ushering in a peace –
A peace received in bursts and bouts,
Augmenting into an eggshell era of ease.


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