‘Haiku’ – I find the word itself beautiful. But the poems are a million times better. Recently, I was exposed to this wonderful art form by Miss Kala Ramesh – huge thanks to her 🙂 –  and I have become very interested in these poems. The best part about haiku-writing, is that it teaches you how to describe beautifully without using adjectives or idioms or personification or metaphors or anything of the sort (I know, sounds intimidating!!!!) – the bare bones ONLY. I’m still learning, but here are a few of my first haiku (yes, haiku is both the plural and singular form of the word…) Hope to post more soon.

midsummer rain
frogs peep out and begin
their nightly chorus


big lake –
a toddler splashes about
creating water diamonds


little girl
shivering by the dying fire


red sand-
a gnarled branch rises
white amongst the brown


cliff-side –
tender saplings hidden away
amongst the rocks


purple mist
a painter sits with
brush flying over canvas


Waiting for feedback so pleeeeeease comment below =)=)=)


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