Who to Thank for our Independence…

They stood, with faces grim;
Each, silently chanting their prayers and hymns.
Trying to banish their fears,
Trying to hide their tears.

The Commander’s voice resounding on the field,
To fight, to free, but never, to yield.
Soon it will be war and blood and tears,
And yet the enemy nears.

Children’s laughter echoing within.
The Holy Angels whispering of past sins.
But no room for error
In this world of terror.
It’s friend against friend
Until the very end.

Hovering between borders,
On Earth and in between.
No choice for Our Mother’s stalwarts,
But to obey orders.

Their unfaltering stride
Never fails to inspire,
As people fall on either side,
Victim to Man’s hellish fires.

Their bravery speaks for them,
As they stand shoulder to shoulder.
Firmly, they stand amidst the mayhem,
They are true soldiers.

Why am I writing about soldiers today? Well, this week, we celebrated the Indian Independence Day on 15th August (Why is it that everyone knows the fourth of July but no one knows this?). So this is a tribute, I suppose, to all those people who are ready to risk their life every single day to keep you and me alive.

I think, the fact that there are people out there who are ready to die for their country and their people, tells us a lot about human nature. I mean, it takes selflessness to a wholly different level. They don’t know the majority of people they are fighting for. But they do know that they are fighting for their country. And that’s true patriotism, if you ask me. Every year, we fly the Tricolour (or the Union Jack or whatever) but how far are we willing to go for our country?

So, although, I am very late, (Sorry!!!) Happy Independence Day to all of you Indians out there, and also, Thank You to all those soldiers who fight for our country tirelessly, every day.


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