The Truest of All Your Choices

Life is a voyage
Every person takes.
You decide where your ship goes –
Out to seas, or in confined lakes.

Up at times and down at times;
Your ship moves with the waves.
You can live a humdrum life,
Or go exploring in hidden caves.

You are the Captain of your ship.
It is controlled by you alone.
Will you make it an adventure?
Will you live (in) it solitary and lone?

Will your cabin be a gloomy one?
Will it be a heaven on Earth?
You are who you make yourself.
Who you are is not decided at birth.

This is a poem I wrote when I was a teeny-weeny, innocent little twelve-year old. My honest opinion about this poem? I don’t like it. I find it hypocritical and condescending, especially coming from a kid. But there is one line that I still like. The last one. Not just because it ends the poem, but also because it is something that has always and will always stay true.

This line is, in my (not really) humble opinion, a highly motivating line. It is a constant reminder that every path is awaiting your footsteps. When God closes a door, somewhere, he opens a window. When you close a door, he (or maybe even she. Why is God always a he?) will still open the window. And it is a window, so you may have to squeeze through (unless you’re a skinny, short midget like me). You may even get stuck. But that’s the only way. Or else, as I mentioned, just stay in your ‘confined lakes’. It’s your choice. Anyone saying it isn’t? Well, maybe you just have to try harder. It’s not easy. No arguments. But life isn’t a cruise-ship. If it was, I’d be puking too much to be able to write this (highly inspirational XD) blog. Anyway, lame jokes aside, you can ALWAYS change your life. Hard as it may be to believe this at times, just try, and trust me, it will help. It will be a ray of hope, at the very least. ‘Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.’

So let’s all believe that our future and our life lies in our hands. We have the power to change it and sometimes guys, we even have a little power to change others’ lives. Let’s use this power wisely, coz you can make your own choices, but you can’t choose their consequences.



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