Timelines, Caves And A Lot More of GOOD History…

Hey guys! Remember all those arguments you had with your friends about which of your pencils were better? Remember snuggling in close to your grandmother at night, as she told you the most wonderful stories ever, and then asking for more in your sleep? Remember that book about talking animals you used to love?  Yes, I’m writing about memories today (Sorry folks! No awards for guessing that).

As some guy named Cesare Pavese (God, I feel bad for him!) once said, ‘We don’t remember days, we remember moments.’ Who remembers what you did on the day your friend had orange juice coming out of his nose? Who even remembers what the joke was that had made him laugh so hard? But you will never in your life forget that moment. Because, it’s these moments that come together to create a timeline of memories, your timeline of memories.

I only need to close my eyes to remember how I used to walk around (Okay, I admit it. I still do) with a dress that had more mango juice on it than the mango I was eating. Some memories just cannot be erased. It’s as though someone wrote it down in your heart with a permanent marker, except, it cannot be erased (Fine, I’ll talk about how temporary permanent markers are later.) Our heart or our brain or wherever you believe memories are stored, is the world’s most trustworthy camera. So next time your Mom takes out that Satanic device, instead of having a sudden bathroom attack, try telling her that.

I wouldn’t give up my memories for the world (or even for Sponge Bob). And I know you wouldn’t either (Unless you’re a character from a YA novel). Because it’s so fun making them, but no fun at all breaking them.

My life has been a cave of treasures and these continue to stay with me as memories. I can’t wait to go on exploring this cave.


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