Falling For Nature

Mother Nature, ‘We need your light!’
The birds cry out, preparing for flight.
The Mother does what she’s done so many times before;
She does what Mothers will do forevermore.

She wakes up calling out, ‘It’s another day!
My children, do come out and play.
Play not with fire,
Play not with swords,
Be not a liar,
Be one who soars.’

As her favourite choir burst into song,
Light and carefree as the wings they fly upon,
She blushes; colour trickling into her apple cheeks.
For the Sun has come;
Washing away the night – wintry and bleak.

But today, the Sun, no more is shown.
Shrouded in smoke; he is now alone.
Alone with the clouds, the dust and the devil,
As we down here, in concrete, revel.

Mother Nature gave us our very roots.
And yet, we the beastliest of beastly brutes,
Reduced her wealth to a state, truly destitute.

She gave us pearls and diamonds, but above all trust.
But in her back, a knife, we thrust.
We have bitten the hand that feeds us.

The world was once Paradise. It was called Nature. Then a devil came and wreaked carnage upon Nature. He was Man.

A wise old man (I’m guessing) once said, ‘The Earth provides enough for every man’s need, but not for every man’s greed.’ But there was a time when Mother Nature bestowed upon us enough wealth to satisfy even the most insatiable greed. But slowly and steadily we are destroying nature. And my fear is that we might actually end up winning this race.

Today’s generation (No exceptions. Not even me, can you believe it?) reads of wind whipping through the hair and can compare it only to putting their heads out of moving cars. We see sunlight filtering through the canopy of branches above our heads only in Wordsworth’s poems. A sky full of stars is seen only on the occasional visit to the beach or a village.

Recently, I travelled to a temple a couple of hours’ drive away. I couldn’t believe I was in the same planet, let alone state. Trees and shrubs that were truly green (not the faded, dusty olive green in our cities) bordered the path and the Sun and wind were constantly battling each other and it was amazing to experience weather that was neither too cold nor too hot for once. Some scenes looked like they were taken straight out of books – stone bridges spotted with moss and clear lakes with tiny, pink lotuses all across. And what was truly wonderful was that people actually lived there! To think a place that is actually inhabited by humans hasn’t been tarnished by deforestation yet! Many of these people haven’t even received a proper education. They may not even know that plants give us oxygen. They may not have luxurious houses. But they have rich homes, for these homes are amidst lush green meadows and fragrant flowers. As someone named Whoopi Goldberg said, ‘That’s the thing about Mother Nature, she really doesn’t care what economic bracket you’re in.’

Mother Nature gave us a world that was as close to Utopia as possible. A land laden with fruits and flowers, and we chose the world of concrete over it. But it’s not too late even now. Mothers have never run out of patience and love and this Mother is no exception. Her compassion is as free-flowing as the waterfalls she gave us. Her forgiveness, just as sweet as the fragrance of a crushed violet.

Mother Nature is waiting for us to return. Her arms are still wide open. Let’s go back before someone cuts them down.


4 thoughts on “Falling For Nature

  1. Ila, Too good! Keep it up, amazing imagination, good flow of thoughts, very poetic language flow, absorbing style, high standard for your age … keep raising the bar.
    PS. Avoid the only one spelling mistake in future


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