Summer’s here- Oh! So fun.
My cousins have come, the pleasure’s begun.
Romping about wildly, causing turmoil,
Trying to succeed in making your aunt’s blood boil.
Sticky chocolates and mangoes dripping from your face,
The games, the films and of course, the races.
The joy of laughing for no reason at all!
The tricks, the pranks, the quarrels and the bawls.
Insulting, teasing, taunting and riling,
Fighting and pushing, you still emerge smiling (if you emerge at all…)
No secret’s too dark to share;
No one’s too high and mighty to not care.
The jostling and yelling, a group truly at ease,
After all, no one’s too hard to tease.
Taking selfies the entire night,
And when your parents find out: trying to hide and keep out of sight.
Eating straight out of your grandmother’s hands,
As she tries to keep up with all your demands.
My granddad’s the one to make us laugh,
While my mum will annoy us with her photographs.
Every joke’s stupid, we still end up rolling on the floor,
And that’s the reason our bond will last forevermore.

This poem, I think, sums up my entire summer vacation. Summer, to me, has always meant going to my grandparents’ place, seeing my cousins and of course, my vacation wouldn’t be complete without annoying my aunts and uncles. There is nothing I love more about summer than running down the slope to my grandparents’ house, arms wide open, ready to propel myself into my grandmother’s loving arms and give a giant bear hug to my grandfather; waiting as the car arrives at my cousins’ house to see them running out to jump at my sister and me. It’s the one time when we’re nice to each other and for a few minutes, heads attached to the wrong bodies is all you can see, and we’re half-expecting to see someone emerging from our pockets.

I think skipping around with our cousins is something most of us can relate to. Whether it’s at the beach or at the movies, we will always be the noisiest ones around, the ones attracting a lot of barely concealed angry attention. But one universal truth that the world must know is that, as rude as it might seem, large families don’t mind the disgusted stares that they’re bound to receive.

As each summer draws to a close, although I am excited to meet my friends, deep inside I am waiting for the next summer to see my cousins again. If there is one thing that I am thankful for, it’s for getting the world’s BEST FAMILY EVER. I can’t wait to see my baby brother again, to play Foosball with my cousins, and have the time of my life yet again. Each summer, I come home thinking, ‘my life just cannot get better,’ and each time I am wrong. But for once, I love being wrong.


One thought on “Vacuztion

  1. Ila…Luv u. Missing you both soooooo badly !! That’s truee.. We are all waiting for the next summer vacation.. And that’s only for seeing both of you…


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