To My Old Man…

An Ode To My Father

If the world runs away,
I know you won’t sway.
For that, Thank You!

If I have a frown,
You’ll turn it upside down.
For that, Thank You!

If I mess up,
In no time, you’ll have me chin up,
For that, Thank You!

For all of this, and much more,
I don’t know if I’ve said it before,

A frenemy, a fellow mischief-maker, a teacher, a critic, in short, a Father. What better day to write about the most important man in all of our lives than Father’s Day?

How many of us actually think to thank that man who first held us when we came into this world. Who wiped away our tears and comforted us when we fell. Who picked us up and pushed us on? Let me guess. Not you. So go to your Dad today, and say those two magical words. Trust me, the smile on his face will be worth dying for. If there is one thing I can say with certainty, it is this: ‘I may not be perfect. But I would not be who I am today if my father wasn’t there with me every step of the way.’

He may not be perfect. He may not be the best man in the world. But my Dad is the Best Father who has ever set foot on this planet. And isn’t this what we all say about each of our Dads? So why don’t we go take those two minutes to go to him and say it directly to him?

From when I first opened my eyes, all he has done is encourage me and push me to the absolute limits. There was a time when I couldn’t sleep without him tunelessly singing to me. And somewhere inside me that baby is still alive and every time I talk to my Father, I know she’s laughing.

To all those Fathers out there, A Very Happy Father’s Day. A day is not enough to thank you for what you have done for us.


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