…Coz That’s What Best Friends Do

That person who you call out to knowing that she’ll be there. The one who makes you want to smile when you’re down and cry when you’re high. The only person who will listen to your nonsense and respect it. Coz that’s what best friends do.

If you know what I’m talking about, then you’re amongst the few who have the privilege of having a real best friend. The first person you look at when a someone’s being annoying. The last person you talk to before leaving school. The only one who understands you when no one else does. A best friend is all this and more. She is like a reflection of yourself – exactly the same and yet, so different. She knows you for who you are and is still willing to be seen in public with you. Coz that’s how best friends are.

Everyone knows that your ‘I’m not going to tell anyone,’ automatically excludes her. You will insult her ten times a minute, but if anyone so much as tries to pick a fight with her, you will transform into John Cena Mode and bash them up. Because you, and you alone have the right to tell her you hate her 364 days a year and then be truthful on her birthday. Coz that’s what best friends do.

I know that the magnitude of how much I owe my best friend is more than the magnitude of how much I hate Umbridge. And that’s before we include the food. But the best part about this is that we don’t care, that is, not until we have to use it to blackmail each other for chocolate [After all chocolate is something we don’t share with anyone, not even each other].Minion2
[image source: http://minion-quotes.com/funny-minion-quotes-of-the-day-8/]

Coz that’s what best friends do.

So, believe me, you may not realise how amazingly crazy your best friend is, but trust me she’s one in a minion.




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