Too Lazy to Think of a Title

I open my eyes and the sun’s glaring at me – literally. It seems to be yelling at me – ‘Get up you wastrel!’ Everyone around me seems to be doing something as though mocking my idleness. But whatever I do, I just don’t seem to be able to get out of bed. I close my eyes, hoping to catch another wink – I’ll wake up in 10 minutes. And all of a sudden it’s, “Mom! I’m late for school! Is my lunch packed?” In my mad scramble to reach the bus stop on time, my breakfast remains half-eaten on the table, my shoes are on the wrong legs and my tie’s come undone. We’ve all had these mornings – when we reach the bus stop looking like a cross between Voldemort and Professor Umbridge (Admit it, we hate her more!!!)

Why does this happen? Sheer laziness. As much as we like claiming to be hard-working, we can all be lazy. Some of us are consistently so [I know. It takes effort to be lazy too, to put up with your mom’s anger and your sister’s sarcasm – goody-two-shoes!!!] And as hard as it is to battle this sloth-like tardiness, we must try our best. Because there might come a time when it creates an even bigger problem than a messed-up wardrobe and a sloppily packed bag. I can’t even count the number of movies I’ve seen that show people missing big meetings or opportunities because they overslept. But I’m guessing this cliché scene obviously has a bit of truth in it. So learn to fight this indolence. You’ll soon learn the beauty of hard work or so people say. I wouldn’t know.


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